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Window Cleaning

When you find a reliable local window cleaner you will experience a better level of customer service. Big companies are mainly interested in profit to be honest. This will impact the the quality of service to their customers. A local window cleaner will be more concerned about his local reputation and want to keep you happy because they are looking for loyal regular customers. We use the water fed pole system and our professional window cleaning kit. What are the advantages of WFP?
Without a doubt, the most significant advantage of water fed pole window cleaning is safety. By limiting the amount of time spent on a ladder to a bare minimum, the cleaner can keep the risk level as low as possible.
Given any awkward angles, unstable footing, high winds, and a variety of other unforeseen events, a fall is almost certain to occur sooner or later.

Conservatory Cleaning

We provide a detailed conservatory cleaning service in Surrey and Surrey Heath. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful conservatory with all that glass and not being able to see clearly through the glass because the windows need a wash. We know the best way to clean a conservatory and have over a decade of experience, cleaning in Lightwater, Windlesham and Bagshot to Ashford Middlesex and Staines upon Thames where homes along the river get green algae built up. restore your conservatory and self-cleaning glass roofs today.

Builders Clean

We have worked with many construction companies and different projects across Surrey from Letherhead to Sunningdale. We know that site managers want the work to be carried out safely and proficiently. We provide the RAMS needed and CSCS cards needed to work safely. Do not leave the glass cleaning to just anyone. The windows and glass are an important part of the project and the client often notices the glass first. Use our professional builders clean service.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We have been cleaning in Surrey for over 12 years. We personal used to live in Ashford Surrey but recently moved away from London and now we live in Surrey Heath. We are a small family run window cleaning business. We know how to clean a window.

Health and safety first and foremost. Secondly it cleans the glass and frames just as good if not better. We first started cleaning windows the traditional way with a ladder and cloth and from time to time we still use that technique but most window cleaners are using the water fed pole system for the same reasons. Clean conservatory, clean glass window, clean windows with a squeegee, you name it, we can clean it.

Yes we are fully insured with public liability £1,000,000. We also have employers insurance £10,000,000 and we can provide proof if needed. In England you do not need a license to be a window cleaner. We have a great reputation as you can see on Facebook and google reviews. We are a professional cleaning window service and have been for over a decade.

That is completely up to you. One off cleans we can arrange. We also clean shops on a weekly basis. We recommend having you windows cleaned every 4-6 weeks. Easy window cleaner, reliable and trustworthy. We also can provide a fascia and soffit cleaning service in Surrey too. Just ask for a free quote.