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Jarvis Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaners using the preferred water fed pole system.

Gutter Cleaning

Professional gutter cleaning service using a high powered gutter vacuum.

Fully Insured

We have public liability for window cleaners, just in case.

We love to clean windows. We have been cleaning for over a decade now.


Window cleaning in Bagshot for about 3 years now we have been cleaning in other parts of Surrey for over 12 years.


Our great reputation has allowed us to expand into Bagshot where we now clean the Connaught estate. We love window cleaning and living in Bagshot. Gutter cleaning in Bagshot is also a service we provide at a reasonable price for local customers.

Jarvis Window Cleaners in Surrey
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Without a doubt, the most significant advantage of water fed pole window cleaning is safety. By limiting the amount of time spent on a ladder to a bare minimum, the cleaner can keep the risk level as low as possible.

Taking into account any awkward angles, unstable footing, high winds, and a variety of other unforeseeable occurrences that might happen in Bagshot Surrey.

Slippery surfaces from rain showers can also cause a problem with washing windows from a ladder. We love to clean windows but we also value life.

We have invested in a better way of window cleaning to protect ourselves and give you the best window cleaning service in Bagshot.